We believe in people

We've all been there. When you least expect it, something comes up.

The roof is damaged, the car needs service, the government shuts down. It happens more often than not and before you realize it, you might need some help to get you to the next paycheck. OneBlinc was created to provide a quick line of credit for people that work hard but need an extra boost to cover their expenses.

You are not your credit score

Reducing people's history to a score is over simplistic

We leverage cutting-edge technology to analyze several factors, unique to you, that truly determine your ability to repay a loan. Our methodology proves that people are much more than a simple numeric score.

We master technology to better serve your needs

We believe that technology, when used in the right way, makes life simpler and safer

That's why we implemented the latest and greatest to facilitate easy and secure loan disbursements and process payments. Our next generation tools expedite approvals which helps our customers receive their loans in a flash.

Everyone deserves a chance to build a better future

We provide access to credit when people need it most and also give our customers a variety of tools to help them improve their personal finances. The winning combination will help our Blinc family become financially savvy in no time!And, while we don't agree with the widespread obsession with FICO scores, we help our customers to rebuild their credit by reporting on-time payments that gives them access to better financial products in the future.

Our people make the difference

Our team of specialists - credit hackers as we like to call them - has a history of developing innovative financial solutions under the most adverse conditions. They know what people need and they have the experience and proven track record to make it happen.